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BOB'S BEST, 4.5% Best Bitter

BOB'S BEST, 4.5% Best Bitter

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4.5% Best Bitter

Available in can for the first time ever....

Traditionally the term “BEST” is a reference to a bitter's strength but being “THE BEST” is something more profound. For us, ‘Best’ is the relentless pursuit of ‘better’. Modern brewing is a continuous journey of improvement. The aim for excellence with the understanding that there is always room for improvement.

BOB’S BEST🤎 is about balance. A complex mix of grains brings notes of toasted bread, rich toffee and its deep amber colour. UK bittering hops add subtle dried fruit aromas, and you guessed it, a lovely bitterness. It’s a style close to Bob’s heart.  
In fact, we think it's so good we've put his name on it! 🍻 #BobsBest

Our Bitters are made with 100% British malt and hops, and, like all our beers, are suitable for vegans.

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