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GOOD LAGER, 4.5% Vienna Lager

GOOD LAGER, 4.5% Vienna Lager

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4.5% Good Lager - a lager that treads lightly

GOOD LAGER is the new name for our Vienna Lager.

Fermented low and slow for a crisp and complex flavour. Good Lager has a welcome bitterness from Saaz and Huell Melon hops, all built on a soft, bready malt base.


In short, we've used a faster acting, higher temp fermenting lager style yeast to brew this delish beer in less than half the time, using less than half the energy it ordinarily would!

Interested in reading more about how our LAGER became GOOD LAGER? Click HERE to head over to our blog post.


🍺 Now available on subscription – choose a 6- or 12-pack of Good Lager delivered straight to your door every month! 🍺


Suitable for Vegans


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Subscriptions are charged and delivered on a rolling monthly basis, in conjunction with Recharge. For more info, see Subscription details above.

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